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What is a property valuation?

The Process of determining the current market value or worth of a property estimated by a valuer is called property valuation. A property valuation can help the buyer as well as the seller in estimating the current market value of the property. Market value of the property is defined as –

“The estimated amount for which an asset or liability should be transacted on the valuation date between a willing lessor and a willing lessee in an arm’s length transaction, after proper marketing and where the parties had each acted knowledgably and prudently and without compulsion.”

Why do I need to get my property valued?

Reasons for getting property valued:

  • To understand the current market value of the property
  • For mortgage purpose – banks require valuation of their properties from credited and independent valuers
  • To assist in internal decision making process – whether to continue to keep or sell the property
  • To understand the current rental values that the property can command in the market – cold shell, warm shell and completely fitted out state
  • Property Valuation Report can assist the seller and buyer both for a fair valuation of the property.
  • creindia.com is giving you an additional benefit by providing you an instant property valuation report within 48-72 working hrs.

What kinds of properties are valued by us?

Only office space of size 100sq.ft. to 25,000 sq ft and high street retail shops and showrooms will be valued at present. We shall be increasing the category of properties in the near future.

How you will deliver me my report?

The Client shall be provided with a signed copy of the valuation report in soft copy (via mail) and one coloured hard copy (via courier) and you can also see the report under myCRE account.

Why should I use a property valuer instead of a Real Estate Agent?

The valuation reports shall signed by a Qualified Valuers and Government approved valuers are accepted by banks and financial institutions as authentic valuation reports instead of a report signed by a real estate agents as a valuer has no vested interest in doing the transaction of the subject property and hence, the valuation done is free of any bias or vested interests.

What all documents do I require to get my property valuation?

Documents required are

  • Title Papers of the property
  • Area statement of the property
  • Sanction plan of the property
  • Any other document that might be deemed fit at time of site visit

What procedure does the valuer follow to value a property?

The basic three methodologies used for valuation of commercial properties are as follows:

Direct Sales Comparison Approach: This approach estimates the value of the subject property by comparing recent sales of similar interests in the building or buildings located in the surrounding area. By analyzing sales which qualify as ‘arms-length’ transactions, between willing buyers and sellers, adjustments would be made for size, location, time, amenities and other relevant factors when comparing such sales price against the subject property. This approach is commonly used to value standard properties when reliable sales evidence is available.

Cost Approach: This comparative approach considers the possibility that, as a substitute for the purchase of a given property, one could construct another property that is either a replica of the original or one that could furnish equal utility. In a real estate context, one would normally not be justified in paying more for a given property than cost of acquiring equivalent land and constructing an alternative structure, unless undue time, inconvenience, and risk are involved. In practice, the approach also involves an estimate of depreciation for older and / or less functional properties where an estimate of cost new unreasonably exceeds the likely price that would be paid for the appraised property.

Income Approach: The value is based on the premise that there is a direct relationship between income that property is capable of generating and its perceived value. Within the Income Approach, different techniques are utilized depending upon the nature of the real estate investment.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis: DCF analysis is the process of analyzing an investment by estimating a series of future cash flows and taking into account the time value of money. During the DCF technique, the income is projected over the investment cycle and the net income is calculated after deduction of the capital and operating expenses.

The most suitable methodology to be used is at the discretion of the valuer as he shall be signing on the report. The same shall also be described in the valuation report.

Is creindia.com operational in all the cities of India?

No, as of now we are working only in Delhi-NCR but soon we will be operational in other cities of India too.

I have not found my city in the dropdown of property address, what should I do?

We apologize you for the inconvenience, but as of now we are operational in Delhi-NCR only. We will inform you once we will get operational in your city.

How do I know that my request for valuation is confirmed?

Once your request has been confirmed for valuation, you will receive a notification via email and SMS. You can also check the status of your request in My Valuation by login into your account on creindia.com.

How can I check the status of my order?

Just login to creindia.com website and click on myCRE account and go to My Valuation, from there you can track the record.

How would I know that my report has been generated?

An email and SMS will be sent to you on your registered email id and mobile number and you can also track the record by login into myCRE account.

In how much time can I get my report delivered?

The typical turnaround time for submission of soft copy of a valuation report is three (3) working days – from the date of submission of documents or site visit –whichever is later and the hard copy will be sent to you within 7 working days after your acknowledgment via email/phone.

However, the timeline might change depending on the nature of the property. In such a case, the Client shall be informed before- hand about the new timeline at the beginning of the assignment.

Do I need to pay any delivery charges?

No, you don’t need to pay any delivery charges.

Will you redeliver the report if I am unable to collect it in first time?

Yes, we will redeliver the report to your billing address in next working day.

If I have any questions/query related to my report after its completion, then to whom should I contact?

If you have any query related to your report than you can mail us at valuation@creindia.com or contact us on our Helpline No. 8468000777.

What are the modes of payment if I require a valuation report?
You can pay through debit card, credit card, net banking, paytm wallet and mobikwik wallet .
Is cash on delivery option available?
No, there is no cash on delivery service available.
Is it safe to pay the bill through my debit or credit card on creindia?
Yes it is absolutely safe to pay your bills through debit or credit card at creindia.com as on our website all the payments get processed through secure and trusted payment gateway.
What is the payment procedure?
You have to pay 50% of the payment while sending a request for valuation and the rest 50% amount needs to be pay once the report will get generated.
Cancellation & Refund
How do I cancel my request?

You can cancel your request by contacting creindia.com through call or email before the site visit of your property. Your refund will be processed as soon as we receive your cancellation request. Once your cancellation request is created, we will ensure that the cancellation is processed as soon as possible.

When the cancellation of my request is not possible?

A request for valuation of your property cannot be cancelled once the valuer’s team will be done with the site visit or after the report has been generated by creindia.com.

Can I return or exchange or replace my report?

You cannot return or exchange or replace the valuation report.

If I cancel my valuation request that what happens to the money I have paid at that time?

The amount that was charged at the time of Valuation, is refunded to you through the mode you selected at the time of cancellation i.e. creindia wallet or online transfer.

How much time will it take to process my cancellation request?

Cancellation of your request for valuation happens almost immediately. In case of refunds, if you choose creindia wallet option, the amount will be added to your Wallet within 24 hrs.

If you opt for having the money transferred back to the source of transaction, it can take up to 7-10 business days for the respective banks to process the refund. Please get in touch with the banks directly in case of any delays post confirmation of cancellation/refund by creindia.com.

What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?
There are two modes of refund:

creindia.com Wallet - If you choose this option, the amount will be added to your Wallet within 24 hrs.

Back to Source - In this case, the money will be refunded to the payment mode/account that was originally used to make the transaction.

How can I know the status of my refund?

Check the ‘My Valuation’ section to know the status of your Cancellation request. Refunds are processed immediately after the Cancellation is processed.

In case of creindia Wallet option the refunded amount will be made available within 24hrs.

However, if you opt for having the money transferred back to the source of transaction, it can take up to 7-10 business days for the respective banks to process the refund. Please get in touch with the banks directly in case of any delays post confirmation of cancellation/refund by creindia.com. Cash refund is not possible.

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