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Office space for sale in Faridabad

Faridabad has traditionally been an industrial town with companies moving in to benefit from the connectivity to Delhi and beyond towards Mathura, Agra, etc, in Uttar Pradesh. The office space market has grown in the last few years and is driven primarily by companies looking to have a local presence or banks with representative offices in the city. The presence of office space market in Faridabad is mainly along NH-2, in areas of Old Faridabad and in new sectors coming up in ‘Nahar Paar’ areas such as Sector 81-82 etc. The city is linked to the metropolis of Gurgaon at one end and Delhi on the other and thus the office space market in Faridabad benefits from this access along with having lower costs in comparison to other regions in Delhi NCR.

Creindia offers a database of office space properties for sale in the various micro-markets of Faridabad. All listings are verified and they provide an overview of the market, as well as details of the characteristics of each listing including building, location, size, amenities, etc. Based on the data provided, companies can easily compare and shortlist options for sale as per their specific requirements and in line with their strategy and long term plans. The decision tool provided by creindia is a marketplace and a single point for all required information related to office space for sale in Faridabad. It also allows comparison with other regions in Delhi/NCR so that companies can review their best fit based on budgets and office space needs.

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