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About us

Commercial Real Estate is a dynamic industry, it can swerve in anyway. Streamlining and consolidating the same is undoubtedly like understanding rocket science. But we believe in turning the course and doing what seems to be an uphill task. We started in September 2014, to create a commercial real estate platform which can integrate the physical and technological world with the gel of research into it, making the outcome more meaningful and intelligent.

We have blended the best of the real and virtual world, adding value to the online commercial real estate industry. By blending this mix we are taking you off the paper there by increasing the efficiency, productivity, effectiveness and helping you to make decision quick and operative.
We are offering a powerful tool to the traditional Indian Commercial Real Estate market and contributing a value to the real estate market, which is expected to touch US$180 billion by 2020.

While making, we have considered almost every aspect that affects the decision of the commercial real estate fraternity. Come and experience the difference which sets us apart.


Creindia.com is ready to add value to the rolling virtual commercial real estate market and change the way fraternity approaches the closures. We are set to give an informed integrated platform for commercial real estate by aggregating information, inventory and intelligence with the use of technology and data matrix  

Creindia.com aims to create India’s largest marketplace for commercial real estate fraternity by integrating innovative technology, inventory data bank and research on macro and micro markets thereby offering a marketplace for all related audience  




(Captain of the ship)

His sharp thinking and his futuristic approach makes the ship extraordinary. An expert in the field of commercial real estate, he eats and sleeps the plethora of knowledge on the subject. An amicable boss, a compassionate human being and a sporting colleague explain this captain. A man who surely will guide you and mould you to be better than the best. His love for music makes him a pleasant person to meet every day, while his love for gizmos lays the foundation of the exquisite product that creindia.com has laid out for the industry to use.


(The Tech Wiz)

Technology is his passion and programming is his core. He manages the technology end of the game, a key element in keeping the ship afloat. The portal design and development remains a dynamic need based on client requirements and he is responsible for making it functional and user friendly with a secure backdrop for showcasing all the information. He believes in less talk and lots of processing in the mind. For him nothing is impossible in the digital world.


(The Maker)

She gets things done. This executor gives shape to the business strategy of the company helping clients get to the finish line. Heading the Product and Marketing Department, Heena’s key role focuses on honing the product offerings based on client needs and networking to ensure information is disseminated to the right audience at the right time. When she’s not brainstorming over the next big idea, she loves to unwind in creative pursuits with lots of colours and music.


(The Navigator)

Nothing is out of the radar of this hawk-eye who can spot potential properties and match client needs in a jiffy. He stumbled into this field while helping out a friend who became bankrupt in the trading business, but found his love for commercial real estate and hasn’t looked back since. In his free time he likes to hit sixers on the cricket field, just like he does at creindia.com, the ship that cannot stay afloat without his navigation.


(Crew Manager on Deck)

He not only separates the grain from the chaff, qualifying the selected properties from the mass available, but is also responsible for assigning projects to the workforce to gather relevant and authentic information. He carries his love for photography into his assignments too, composing the modus-operandi of each day, making sure it clicks with every client, developing the data, checking it for clarity and finally uploading it on the website. creindia.com product quality and authenticity depends on his sharp and focused eye.


(The Creative Genius)

Without his creative portrayal of ideas the ship of creindia.com cannot leave the port. Gujarati by descent and Picasso by work, he can paint your thoughts on canvas. His simple approach towards life and clarity of ideas is reflected in his work. He is a man with few words but his pictures speak volumes. His dedicated days end with gorging on Gujarati food. His creative flair ensures users stay hooked to creindia.com

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